A public official in Bolivia worked with a fake degree for 15 years

A public official in Bolivia worked with a fake degree for 15 years

This past January, a public official in Bolivia, in the Autonomous Departmental Government of Oruro, was arrested for practicing her profession with a fake degree for over 15 years.

While verifying the personnel records at work, the Human Resources Department detected the official’s fake academic credentials.

Apparently, the degree was issued by the educational corporation CATEC as executive and computing secretary. However, upon further review, the institution confirmed that such a person never studied there.

Meanwhile, the prosecuting attorney revealed that during the investigation, many irregularities in the official’s documents were found; In addition, the state suffered economic damage during the time she worked there and requested the restitution of the money that she earned, which amounts to 100,000 US dollars.

For now, the Public Prosecutor Office will investigate, together with the Human Resources Department, the reason for hiring her; meanwhile, she has been transferred to the Anti-Corruption Branch of the Special Crime Fighting Force.

It is important that companies implement a robust background screening program that helps ensure the legitimacy of the information provided by job applicants.

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