#MultiLatinMinute | 10 Years – Advancing Secure Contracting

2021 represents an important milestone for MultiLatin. This year we celebrate ten years in being the premier provider of pre-employment and third-party background screening across Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the midst of the global pandemic that our businesses, families and governments face MultiLatin has been able to adjust operations impacted by a regional freeze in hiring during 2020 as well as a welcome return to normal from some sectors which demonstrates renewed optimism for the future.

None of this would be possible without a great team of collaborators who bring expertise and enthusiasm to their work every day.

From our regional operations center in Mexico City, to Latam North in Panama and Latam South in Sao Paulo Brazil we have grown and adapted together.

We are forever grateful for the trust from our clients located around the world, many of whom have engaged with MultiLatin from our early startup days.

Borrowing from a famous phrase about politics, “All background screening is local”.

The challenge for clients and ourselves is how to best implement global compliance rules to a regional platform for country-level background screening processes.

Many factors surrounding the data we use and verify must be considered including:

  • Data privacy and protection,
  • legal access and
  • proper use of public records so as not to risk our clients operations, employees or third-parties.

Over the course of this year we will be celebrating our anniversary with virtual events, webinars and thought pieces on risks and compliance issues related to contracting new employees, business partners and vendors.

Thank you for helping us reach this ten year milestone.