Academic Fraud – Falsification of academic documents through QR codes

Different ways of falsifying academic documents through QR codes and their web pages are increasing. Next, on Latin America Screening News.

Recently, MultiLatin’s Background Screening team has detected new forms of falsifying university degrees in Mexico..

In the verification process, the candidate provides an apparently original electronic certificate from an academic institution. This certificate contains  personal data which coincides between the degree and the QR code. The QR code is a tool that allows you to consult the information on the certificate and verify its authenticity on the destination website.

In this new case, when verifying the QR code, the website called “electronic validation” has the appearance of being official, even using some links from official pages. However, small details such as the conformation of the URL show that it is false. By its composition it can be deduced that it is a page created expressly to verify as real fake degrees or certificates.

This mode of operation demonstrates the skill with which some candidates seek to alter their academic background. Therefore, it is important for companies to put in place high standards in the verification processes of their candidates and third parties.