Global Impunity Index 2020 in Latin America

Honduras, Paraguay, and Mexico lead impunity in Latin America, according to the Global Impunity Index 2020, Next in Latin America Screening News.

The Global Impunity Index 2020, carried out by the University of the Americas of Puebla in México (UDLAP), included a list of 69 countries. According to the findings, the American continent, is one of the regions with the highest rates of impunity in the world where Honduras, Paraguay, Guyana and Mexico are among the 10 countries with the weakest justice and security systems and where the fewest crimes are solved.

The report highlighted that no country in the Americas “is among the countries with low levels of impunity” and that those that could not be included in the report also “have medium and high levels of impunity.”

Costa Rica is the best-placed country in Latin America cy, ranking 37th out of 69 followed by Panama 42nd, Colombia 49th, Chile 50th, Ecuador 55th and Peru 57th.

The report left Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Venezuela off the list, due to “irregularities and inconsistencies” reported in official information, although it considers them to have “high impunity rates.

The “social exclusion” of Latin America “feeds back on impunity and aggravates the consequences of insecurity and violence” against the most vulnerable. Practically all the countries of the region are in conditions of high impunity. The report identified that Mexico only has 2.17 judges for every 10,000 inhabitants, well below the global average of 17.83 judges.