#MultiLatinMinute | Screening AML, an effective tool in the selection process

Screening AML, an effective tool in the selection process

Money laundering and terrorism financing are two of the biggest threats on the international financial scene. The implementation of money laundering prevention measures, also known as AML it is a very important competence for the Compliance area, but it concerns to all areas of the company that must be involved in cultivating prevention, applying all measures to mitigate risks and reporting possible alerts.

Financial entities in Latin America must ensure higher standards in hiring employees, especially those in compliance and AML functions.

The AML screening of employees, candidates and suppliers, is one of the different actions of risk prevention programs and is an especially effective tool against money laundering and terrorism financing, that also promotes healthy work environments while respecting, in the process, the right to privacy each individual.

Implementing effective background screening solutions in the selection process will help the company to mitigate risks and to choose the best candidate or supplier.

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