Checking an employee’s job references is only a small part of a background check program. Companies should consider a range of relevant factors which may increase its risks, including: an employee’s financial responsibilities or the security exposure of the position.

Best screening practices require a review of several aspects of an employee candidate, such as academic records and employment experience, criminal litigation history, social media footprint, and credit history. Depending upon the safety-sensitivity of the position, drug testing might also be relevant.

Reliable and complete in 48 hours.
Our toxicological certificate is valid before any instance.
1. Request
When the applicant completes capturing information for their background check, a service order for drug testing will be generated for printing.
2. Contact
First Advantage - MultiLatin contacts the applicant by email or telephone to conclude the instructions regarding the process.
3. Respond
The applicant will appear at the laboratory with the printed service order, following prior notification to First Advantage - MultiLatin.
4. Custody
Laboratory personnel will deliver a “chain of custody” to the applicant and request that they sign a consent form in order to take a sample.
5. Obtain
Laboratory personnel accompany the applicant to a designated area to ensure that the sample is deposited correctly and free of tampering.
6. Sign and seal
Once the process is completed, the specimen cup is sealed and signed by the applicant.
7. Process
The sample is processed to obtain results for required substances. The results can be negative or non-negative.
8. Report
First Advantage - MultiLatin obtains a report in order to continue with the Background Check process.
Why and what can you get?

We provide you with quality complete anti-doping solutions. Our partnership with Diagnose allows us to integrate Drug Testing into your Background Screening process with the highest level of efficiency.

Confirmation of “Presumptive Positive” results by Gas Chromatography in reference laboratories certified in:
ISO 17025: 2005 en Ciencias Forenses o Legales | ISO 15189:2012 in Clinical Analysis Discipline Toxicology | ISO 9001: 2008 in the Toxicology Area.

Technicians authorized by the preventive medicine directorate of the SCT (Ministry of Communications and Transportation) Registration ATT 083/2011 Toxicology and ATA 083/211 in Alcoholmetry.

Mobile units and and practicioners specialized in occupational medicine.
Mexico City


The importance of preventing risks in processes of alliances or mergers and acquisitions is heightened by strict regulations regarding the prevention of fraud, corruption and bribery. The responsibility to investigate, verify and review background information on potential partners is a company’s duty of care.

First Advantage – MultiLatin Background Screening has extensive experience in protecting companies by carrying out both verifications and investigations on the background of partners in Latin America. We support companies to grow with the highest standards of due diligence and monitoring during their procurement and partnering processes.

Third Parties & Suppliers

First Advantage – MultiLatin Background Screening supports its clients in the prevention of risks related to contracting with third parties and suppliers. By reviewing the reputation of such vendors and their shareholders we support compliance standards for global companies that operate in Latin America.

In addition to background checks, First Advantage – MultiLatin Background Screening conducts due diligence investigations by collecting and interpreting public information from reliable sources. We always operate in strict adherence to local regulations regarding the handling of sensitive personal information.


Many of the companies we serve are in regulated industries which have stringent compliance requirements for onboarding new clients. First Advantage – MultiLatin Background Screening contributes to companies’ security through the verification of the background of such clients.

We seek the greatest satisfaction of the real estate sector in verification of tenants.

First Advantage – Multilatin Background Screening serves the entire Real Estate sector in Latin America. We want to put at your disposal a service of background checks of tenants able to respond with solvency to the needs of times that require an income process. We contribute our experience not only in the depth of the verifications but also in the interpretation of the findings. We seek to support real estate agents and owners to ensure a healthy and solid landlord-tenant relationship, mitigating as much as possible the risks implicit in these processes.

With Criteria, our clients will have the opportunity to supervise the verification process any time while measuring the “Service Level Agreement” in terms of delivery times and scope. We want to be the best solution for your tenant contracting processes.

The scope of our investigation includes
Verification of tenant identity
Review of criminal and civil litigation records
Review of national and international watch lists
Review of credit history
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