CRITERIA is the technology platform used by First Advantage – MultiLatin for screening candidates in Latin America. It is a partnership with ClearStar Inc. and responds to the need to operate from a state-of-the-art system that can offer privacy, security, and a user-friendly environment.

Assessment Services

First Advantage – MultiLatin specialists review each client’s specific background screening needs following their compliance regulations and levels of risk. We provide an assessment based on your operations and design a screening program. We configure CRITERIA to fit your needs.

Screening Technology


In an encrypted environment


For clients and candidates


Intelligence for hiring employees and third parties


Spanish, English and Portuguese


Real-time process

Screening Process through CRITERIA

  1. Capture the name and email of the candidate in CRITERIA to initiate a review of the candidate.

  2. The candidate receives an email, inviting them to complete the application form online. CRITERIA only collects information and documents that are NECESSARY for the scope defined during the assessment stage, in accordance with applicable local regulations.

  3. First Advantage – MultiLatin Background Screening reviews the documentation. The client can generate preliminary progress reports in real time as well as consult/download the letter of consent signed electronically by the candidate. A summary of the information entered into the system will be available.

  4. The client receives an email notifying them that the final report is ready for review in CRITERIA. They will be able to consult the report online or download it in PDF format.