Uruguay – Creation of a National Registry of Sexual Offenders

In Uruguay, an urgently considered bill that includes the creation of the National Registry of Sexual Violators and Abusers entered the parliament, then in Latin America Screening News

It’s a detailed record that will include names, surnames and nicknames, an updated photograph, date and place of birth, nationality, ID number and work, among others. Once the conviction is final, the judge will automatically order the tests to achieve the genetic identification of the person, which will be included in the National Registry of Genetic Footprints and will be sent to the registry of rapists and abusers.

Those convicted of these crimes who obtain freedom will have the obligation to keep the Judicial Headquarters informed and must communicate any changes made to the data referred to in this norm for a period of ten years.

In addition, the rapist or sexual abuser will be unable for a minimum period of ten years to carry out activities related to health care, health, teaching and/or academic or any activity directly or indirectly related to them, involving contact with minors, both publicly and privately.